Pixelcat KDM

On-the-go machine-fixed file en- and decryption


Features you love


Encryption made simple using an extensive documentation and easy-to-use commands


Set activation date, expiry date and a custom target machine to fully embrace the features!


Secured using latest encryption standards, made possible thanks to openssl!

Encrypt files easily

Set when and until files can be encrypted using simple command line parameters targeted at a specified machine to ensure end-to-end encryption

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File End-To-End encryption made simple

Specify an activation date, expiry date and a machine id and you are good to go!

The KDM activation date ensures that no one can decrypt your files before your set date while as the KDM expiry date does the opposite, once the date is over, the files can not be decrypted anymore.


Decrypting made easy using 3 files

Decrypting is even easier than encrypting, only 3 files are required:

The KDM, the encrypted file and last but not least, the metadata of the encrypted file saved as an XML file on your filesystem


Generate KDMs

The core of our tool, KDMs

KDMs (Key Delivery Message) are the XML files fine-tuned for your System.

They are used to transport encryption information to the other system and provide the keys to decrypt and encrypt files!

Massencrypt and decrypt

Looking for a way to encrypt folders?

No worries, we got your back.

PCAT KDM can encrypt whole folders which can be zipped later on



Build with the intention of automation. Pass a parameter here and a flag there and automate PCAT KDM using your favorite programming language!

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    Installation made simple using our install script, simply wget https://ftp.prod-eu-west.pixelcatproductions.net/KDMs/pcatkdm/install -O installpcatkdm && chmod +x installpcatkdm && ./installpcatkdm | Requires 64bit Architecture and Systemd supported systems (Debian)

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    Generate a KDM

    Generate a new Key Delivery Message with this command: pcatkdm generate <name> [machineid] [expiry] [active]

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    Encrypt a file

    Now you can encrypt files using your newly generated KDM! pcatkdm encrypt <kdm> <file>


Upgrade to Pro

    Encrypt Files
    Decrypt Files
    Generate KDMs
    Set Expiry Dates
    Set Activation Dates
    Remote Installation
    Encrypt Files
    Decrypt Files
    Generate KDMs
    Set Expiry Dates
    Set Activation Dates
    LIFETIME Support and Updates
    Remote Installation*
* Our Team will assist you with the installation of PCATKDM using either SSH or VNC once per purchase. Any additional service will be billed at a rate of 50€/h (per hour)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes you can, just download the limited free version from above

What payment methods do you accept?

We support bank transfer and paypal as a payment method

Can I change my plan later?

Yes you can upgrade to Enterprise or Lifetime at any time

Do you have a contract?

Yes, upon purchasing one of the options above a binding agreement will be send to you before receiving the software.

Can I use the software on multiple machines?

Yes you can use PCAT KDM on up to 3 machines.

Can I change the machines later on?

Yes, however a processing fee of 20€ per machine will be billed.

What are the requirements?

As of now a armv71 or amd64/x64_86 architecture is required, but more will be supported in the near future. For a easy installation using our install script we suggest debian or ubuntu or an apt-get compatible system.

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